WinEst Pro is a well-organized estimating tool for small to medium-sized construction companies. This commercial construction estimating software enables you to craft and manage project estimates with a good deal of proficiency. It integrates well with popular third-party programs such as Microsoft Project and Primavera. The interface is modern and flows intuitively. While it makes a well-deserved appearance on our list of the best commercial software, it's missing some features that keep it out of the top tier of our review.

As with all software, the first thing you notice is the user interface. A lackluster UI can spell certain death for a product if it looks out of date or is clunky or unintuitive. This is where many commercial estimators fall down. Fortunately, WinEst stands tall in the UI category. The graphics and icons are crisp and clear, and the work flows like a mighty river toward the ocean. This is a breath of fresh air in comparison with the products on the lower end of our side-by-side comparison.

This estimation software's feature set is hit and miss. When it hits, it knocks it out of the park. When it misses, we find ourselves scratching our heads and wondering why certain features were omitted, considering how well everything else is put together. For example, WinEst's filters (these are comparable to "views" in other applications) are among the best and most useful of any building estimating software we reviewed. Yet the software completely omits a scheduling system, and only one other product we reviewed left out that feature.

Another example of this phenomenon is WinEst's digital takeoff, which is arguably the most critical feature of any commercial estimating software. WinEst's is truly top-shelf material. On the other hand, the program lacks a purchase order system, requiring you to either keep these records manually or purchase additional software to handle the load.

As far as integration goes, WinEst is one of the best construction estimators we reviewed. Its lack of scheduling and purchase order features is somewhat addressed by its ability to integrate with third-party products that handle those tasks. The two most commonly used project management solutions (Primavera and Microsoft Project) are fully compatible with WinEst. Furthermore, WinEst will create files that are compatible with nearly every other related application on the market today. This means that you can transfer your work to any other application with few to no problems.

WinEst Summary:

There is a lot to like about WinEst. It remains true to the estimating portion of commercial construction software and fulfills those tasks admirably. It lacks some features, which kept it out of award winning territory, but it compliments third-party programs well to pick up the slack. All in all, it's a purchase you won't regret.


WinEst Pro

This building estimator has a great user interface and excellent features such as a digital takeoff. It integrates well with Microsoft Office.

WinEst Pro doesn't go far beyond the estimating phase because it lacks a purchase order system and a scheduling feature.

The Verdict:

When WinEst includes a feature, they make sure it's very well done. The software simply doesn't include enough features to launch it into award winning territory.